A Note from Carla and a Great Honor

I love a new year.
A time to look ahead and recommit to my values.


A year ago today, I sat down with my team to discuss the values that we would use to guide decision making through 2017 and beyond.

The value I felt most important to pass along to my team was community. Being a long-time resident, my commitment to this community and my desire to share this community with others is boundless and I wanted my team to feel that.  So it is with great pride that I share with you that Market House on the Square has received the Community Leadership Award from the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber and just this morning we stood humbled, amongst past recipients (and many future), to accept this award.

As a business, specifically a hospitality business, community reflects our desire to be the place you turn to for many of life’s most important moments.

Looking at 2017 we shared your joy during rehearsal dinners, baby showers and bridal showers. We also witnessed your sorrow at your family’s funeral luncheons and the celebrations of life of many who had enjoyed this restaurant and the one before. We delighted in seeing your children all grown up having dinner the night of their first Grotto.

We want to be the place many generations enjoy together, where your children learn the difference between a salad and entrée fork and where they feel comfortable trying something new or having macaroni and cheese. Where you come in for a date with your long-time love, or where you meet fellow community members in the bar.

Community also means opening our doors as we do every summer to employ college students, many of them siblings, returning home for the summer. For many this is one of their earliest work experiences.   We enjoy not only sharing the industry we love and teaching them about the food and wine that we are so passionate about while also the learning of many important life lessons.  Most importantly we love to see them grow and flourish.  It’s also wonderful to see the moment of recognition when many realize that they have known their server since the first grade.  We appreciate your patience as they learn our way of hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you throughout this year to enjoy our seasonal menu as it weaves through the seasons, to enjoy the various corners of the restaurant a cozy corner in the bar, near the fireplace during holidays, and many sunshine-filled days on our patio for as long as the weather permits.

Happy New Year,